Where do you get the recipes from?

We get the recipes through a ton of research about pregnancy cravings and by speaking to pregnant women and moms. All the recipes we feature are real, genuine cravings eaten by a real, genuine pregnant person.

Can I submit a recipe?

Sure. But only if it’s a pregnancy craving. So please no stoner recipes or midnight snack cravings.

Did you really try all the recipes?

Yes. And we are still haunted by some of them.

Even the soap?


Are you encouraging eating disorders like Pica?

No, of course not. Pica – the desire to eat non-foodstuffs – can be very unhealthy for mother, baby and you. We saw it as our duty to try and document all the crazy cravings we came across, but we strongly advise you not to be so masochistic.

What are the ratings based on?

A complicated system of mood and personal taste.

Can I buy the book?

The book (with a ton of new and even weirder recipes) is published by Running Press and can be pre-ordered here.

Who are you guys?

Juarez Rodrigues and Vicky Jacob-Ebbinghaus. We both work in advertising but like to do fun projects on the side.

Are you pregnant, Vicky?